Thursday, 24 June 2010

Summer 2010

For my final major project, I was given the creative freedom of writing my own brief. As I want to eventually get involved in the creative advertising industry, I thought it would be ideal to write a brief as if it was given to me from a company.

I have a great love for fashion, and decided to base my brief around Topshop.

The brief stated:

To produce a series of promotional illustrations for Topshop Spring/Summer 2010 collections. Each illustration should be based on the following set themes.

  • Meadow

  • Saloon

  • Downtown

  • Club Tropicana

Each fashion season Topshop works their clothes around themes. I wanted to create promotional illustrations that could be used on leaflets, bags, in-store display, public advertising and to also include motion graphics of some sort. My main idea was to work with the fashionable colours of each collection and to really give the feeling and mood each collection would convey to the buyer.

The following images correspond to the collections. I have also included a presentation video of the final animations at the end.