Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hello World

Well I guess it is best for me to start this blog by introducing you to some of my work.

These two pieces are taken from a selection of collages I composed for my first year. I took inspiration from a set place, and mine was my garage. I was inspired by the hardness of the environment with the tools and chemicals, alongside the softness of cloths draped over boxes and objects.

These two images above were from a book project with the theme of roads. I was given two books both on the theme of roads to create imagery from. Being experimental I wanted to try out some old film cameras I was given, and so I created 8mm films based on roads. The top image was created using a torch, and a holga camera on long exposure. The bottom series are stills taken from a super 8 film filming the beauty of lights at night. I really love experimenting with different image making techniques, and I am especially intrigued by old cameras and Polaroids.

Ok thats enough for now, but I shall post some of my second year work later. I will try to keep on top of posting as the thing I love most is people who update their blogs.

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  1. Hey Gemma, Great Stuff! Really like your work :)