Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Year 2

So I am now due to finish my second y
ear of my course. It has all gone so fast and I am now finding myself getting ready for New Designers Exhibition in London. These are a selection of pieces that I have created during my second year.
My first brief was based on a line of poetry. My initial thoughts of the poem brought imagery of organic forms, dark and birdlike creatures.

The following images are a selection
of experiments and finals from this project.

Typographical Experiments, creating my own font faces and Including them with vectors and cut out shapes.

The main aspect of the brief was to design fit for purpose, I.e create and image as if it was for a client. I decided to move away from the text of the poem and design images for advertising a radio show for a well known record company.

This is one of the final images. As the radio show is broadcast very early in the morning I wanted to capture the feeling of daybreak, a time when thoughts may be hazy. Something that would make you want to wake up early for and enjoy.

I have also experimented with animation in after effects. I brought through my images from photoshop and navigated the camera through the scene, adding eploding birds and light flares.

These are some small capltures of one of my initial animations.

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